Fleisher Forensics: Pioneering Excellence in Forensic Engineering Since 2002

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As Engineers, Architects, Scientists and Veterinarians, Solving Complex Puzzles is Fundamental

Founded by David H. Fleisher in 2002, Fleisher Forensics began as a solo endeavor driven by passion and expertise. Today, the firm stands as a beacon of excellence. It has become one of the premier boutique engineering firms on the east coast and beyond.

At the heart of Fleisher Forensics lie the core values that were instilled by David Fleisher from the outset – integrity, honesty, and unwavering professionalism and commitment to the client for the matter. Fleisher Forensics takes pride in our enduring relationships with diverse clientele, including plaintiff and defense attorneys, government organizations and insurance companies. Our dedicated team of engineers and scientists, a veterinarian, and architect remain steadfast in upholding these values, ensuring that every client receives unparalleled guidance and service.

Whether it’s premises or product liability, construction accidents or beyond, our proficiency spans construction codes, safety protocols, testing, quality control and innovative research to help our clients achieve the outcome they need to resolve their matters. Our emphasis on providing comprehensive analysis, reporting, expert witnessing and experience over 20 years in similar matters, underscores the company’s dedication to delivering thorough and reliable services to our clients.

Fleisher Forensics is committed to assisting you. We will provide clarity to your case and work with you from start to finish.