Comprehensive Expert Analysis‚Äč

We provide an integral forensic perspective 
when presented with incident circumstances.

Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Scientific Services, and Veterinary Evaluations
for Litigation and Claims

We specialize in forensics engineering evaluations for litigation and claims. Our clients are plaintiff and defense attorneys, industry companies, government entities, and claims organizations. Our dedication and commitment to assisting in the investigation and discovery process yields clarity for our clients.

We provide a diverse set of forensic evaluations for litigation and claims matters. Our comprehensive analysis, reporting and expert testimony provide the professional credibility you need to present your results.

Call our qualified experts to work with your team in the following disciplines:

Accident Reconstruction
Automotive Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Liability and Claims
Geotechnical Engineering
Highway Engineering
Highway Safety, Design & Construction
Industrial Safety, Design & Construction
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Premises Liability
Product Liability
Professional Liability
Structural Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Veterinary Practices & Animal Behavior

Research and Publications

We are a leading liability expert and consulting firm
specializing in engineering, construction, architecture, and veterinary science.
Let our qualified experts assist you in understanding and resolving complex issues.
With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your case is in safe hands.